Dear All

First, we would like to extend our well wishes to you and your family, and hope that you are safe and protected from COVID-19 illness spreading in our communities.

As always, we are available to you for your dermatologic needs now and in future. The spread of coronavirus in United States has made it difficult to render face to face care till the situation resolves. Due to that we modified our delivery of care to you to protect you and us.

Please allow us to explain how we can work through this by working together.

  1. If you are having a medical emergency, hang-up and dial 911 immediately.
  2. Because of the restriction placed by the authorities on one-to-one contact, we will restrict one-to-one visit to urgent cases only. Following can be considered Urgent matters.
    1. Adverse medication reaction
    2. Strong suspicion of a skin cancer
    3. Severe skin infection
    4. Rapidly spreading rash
    5. Sudden widespread blistering
    6. Anything that you are concerned about that may require hospitalization
  3. In case of any urgent issue, Call the number below to get help
    215-305-8834, press # and then "9"

    You will be connected to on call MD and will be able to talk to them to determine best course of action. Which could be one of the following

    1. In person visit: this will be arranged for you if possible.
    2. Telehealth ( video visits )
      1. You can go to our website there you can request a Telehealth appointment, the schedule is posted online at the website under "make an appointment" and send you appointment request to us.
      2. Or you can call 215-305-8834, press # and then "0" and request a Telehealth appointment.
      3. Or you can email us at for an appointment

      Getting ready for your Telehealth appointment:
      Once we receive your appointment request either through website/email/ or by phone we will open your patient portal and will send you an instruction email. Your patient portal is your access to your medical information within our medical records. You would need a user name and a password to login to your portal, your user name is usually you email address and you can setup your password as well.

      The email that you receive will have a download link to our App called “pocket patient”. Once you download the App, you will enter your username and password and our office URL:

      Now, you are all set to see the doctor via Telehealth APP.

      At the appointment time you will receive a message in your App that we are ready to talk and see you.

    3. Phone Consultation: eVists
      You can request a phone visit with us for minor matters that do not require video visit or need to have the doctor look at you. You can also send a picture taken by you of your skin into your patient portal.
  4. All other matters ranging from:
    1. Refill requests
    2. Acne
    3. Mild rashes
    4. any
    5. Please send us an email request with your concerns and info via following HIPPA secure email, we will review your concerns and will get back to you.

      Refill Requests:
      Please send your refill requests to and one of our staff members will reach out to you for your info and will send refill orders within 24 hours.

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