Hair Restoration

For many people, hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life, and the impact it can have on your appearance is usually anything but welcome. At City Dermatology Skin Institute in Bensalem, PA, Dr. Imran Amir offers hair restoration services to his patients that add back the years hair loss took away.

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Hair Restoration Q&A

1What is hair loss?

Androgenetic or pattern hair loss affects 70% of men ( Male pattern hair loss) and 40% of women ( Female Pattern Hair loss) and can start as early as a person’s teens, with risk increasing with age.

Hair loss can result in tremendous stress and loss of confidence and has been a very difficult area to conquer in medicine. The treatment options include hair transplants that are cumbersome, painful and expensive. There aren't many other options, lotions and pills don’t work, and expensive hair pieces don't look very natural. It is often an area that can cause frustration and embarrassment. Whether it is for a receding hairline, a balding area, a lack of fullness and volume, or thinning or sparse hair overall, then the stem cells hair restoration might be just the right procedure for you.

2What causes Hair loss?
Miniaturization of the hair follicle is the clinical hallmark of balding. Certain studies have established that stem cells residing in the scalp remain at persistent numbers, but the conversion of stem cells to the progenitor cells required for follicle stimulation and cycling is reduced in balding patients. Efforts to assist in this regeneration of the hair follicle may induce a more robust and stronger recycling of the hair follicle. Once these stem cells are administered, they have the ability to re-activate dormant follicles, forming new cells of mesenchymal origin.
3How do the stem cell treatments work?
The stem cell procedure provides a targeted placement of these regenerative cells, non-surgically aiding in the regeneration of follicles during hair growth cycles. The procedure is performed either in the clinician’s office or in an outpatient facility, using local anesthesia and completed in an hour or less. Results are typically seen during the next cycle of hair growth and improve over time with each hair growth cycle. Stem Cells can help restore:
  • Hair Follicles
  • Thickness
  • Regrowth
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Bald Spots
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